Left Hand Warpath: Libtrigger

The viral success of Neckbeard Deathcamp is palpable. Half a year later, what ardent right-wing metalheads called a so-called “trend” is still here and still going strong. The staunchly anti-fascist band have signed to Prosthetic Records, they will be playing at Maryland Deathfest, have been interviewed for Noisey, and have spawned a legion of likeminded left-wing nazi-stomping metal acts (including this writer’s black metal act Gaylord).

Another of these bands are Norway’s mysterious Libtrigger. Their Bandcamp popped up shortly after Neckbeard Deathcamp arrived on the scene and so far there is only one track there – but what a track. ‘Dethroning the Tyrants’ is a searing assault combining second-wave black metal with old-school Celtic Frost vibes. The band have declared that all of their music will be free, but any sales will be donated to charity. Charity is becoming a big part of left-wing metal’s latest bands and it is something I am 100% behind.

When was the last time you saw a nazi band do a charity compilation? The answer is never.

Satire in left-wing metal has become a somewhat divisive tactic to combat the extreme right. It doesn’t look like NBDC and their brood are leaving the scene any time soon. For those of you who want a more serious left-wing act, check out Libtrigger.

Libtrigger’s full-length should be arriving later this year. Check out their Bandcamp here.

Words: Richard Weeks

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