Harsh noise can be a very divisive genre of music. Hell, some people would even argue that it doesn’t actually constitute as music. Counter culture can often swing in these abstract and esoteric ways and I absolutely love it.

Chicago’s WHITEPHOSPHOROUS are one of these bands. Identifying as an “electronic war machine”, the band’s releases feature gigantic and dense sonic soundscapes that I could only describe as “fucking insane”. Amidst the buzzing of electric war and a heinous noise assault, you can pick out raspy gasps of pained and anguished screams along distorted and perverted samples of news reports and media.

Harsh noise is the aural equivalent of the dadaist art movement. Ostensibly “anti-music” in the vein of dadaist “anti-art”. But often times this so called anti-music does come with a message, one you have to dig through layers of thick distortion and overdriven guitar pedals to find.

Anti-fascist support is emerging from all corners of the sonic spectrum. Metal, punk, neofolk, harsh noise, and just about everywhere else. Even Cardi B has taken to Instagram to slate the state of right-wing politics that has gripped the globe in recent years. As long as we keep the pressure on from all sides, as long as we press back as hard as we can, as long as we never back down from hate-filled ideologies… we will win.

Check out WHITEPHOSPHOROUS’ bandcamp here.

Words: Richard Weeks (Blackened Death Records)

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