Video Premiere: Noisepicker – A Taste Of My Dying

Noisepicker’s stirring fusion of blues, punk and doom is an endearing one, and one that guarantees authenticity and freedom from pretention. Following on from the release of last year’s Peace Off, we’re proud to showcase the world premiere of the band’s artfully shot, DIY infused road trip opus for ‘A Taste Of My Dying’. Harry Armstrong, the duo’s guitarist and vocalist, has this to say on the making of the video:

“As with all of our videos, we have no budget, so everything is filmed and edited ourselves. Usually I just point a camera at Kieran and he goes with the flow. I think he’s learning to trust me now… Especially as all his scenes were filmed indoors for the first time! I decided to go on a little road trip over the new year, and shot the whole thing in a couple of weeks making the locations become ever more industrial as I went along. It’s based around the idea that you can run, but you can’t hide. But what is it that YOU are running from? hmmmm?!! Sit back, turn it up and enjoy. The ride will be over all too soon.”

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