Left Hand Warpath: Petrichor

A lot of anti-fascist bands wear their association with anti-fascism on their sleeves like a badge of honour. Crust bands will get in your face and shout at you about their connections to antifa. Anti-fascist black metal bands will emblazon the sign of the Iron Front on their uniform in lieu of an inverted cross. And anti-fascist death metal acts will focus lyrical content on scathing attacks pointed directly at fascists.

But some bands are anti-fascist even if their songs and personas don’t directly point this out.

Petrichor from Leeds, UK are one of these bands, a funeral doom band with churning riffs and lyrics about nihilism and Satanism. Huge twelve minute songs about dying in the rain and lovesick vocals dedicated to a romantic view of suffering. You won’t necessarily know Petrichor are anti-fascist unless you dig a little deeper.

And that’s the great thing about anti-fascist bands. The forms they take to fight against Nazis and racists is a wide myriad of colours. You can have the belligerence of Ancst, the comedy of Neckbeard Deathcamp, and the muted tones of Petrichor all aiming at the right in different ways – all united in the fight to end the right. If someone ever tells you that “Band X is doing it wrong” tell them plain and simple to fuck off. The enemy has many heads, we need many forms of attack. And sometimes subtlety is more than enough.

Being forward-facing with your political opinions is a great way to combat the intolerant right, but just because a band isn’t explicitly labelled as “anti-fascist metal” doesn’t mean they don’t fight the fight with us.

Check out Petrichor’s Bandcamp here.

Words: Richard Weeks

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