Premiere: 9T Antiope – Living Through Sleeping Through

Escapism is a key tenet of noise music. Through raging, transcendent catharsis, to electrifying live intensity – noise, in all of its myriad forms, is a genre built around moving elsewhere within ourselves.

Nocebo – the second in Paris based noise-drone mystics 9T Antiope’s series Isthmus:Nocebo:Placebo – is an exploration of the inner monologues of a race of beings who, in a (perfectly relatable) state of abject apathy toward conventional space and time, have induced themselves into permanent comas.

Featuring a heady brew of droning pads, industrial noise rumblings and spoken word passages blurring the boundaries between art and reality through their inclusion of the real-life experiences of family members, Nocebo is as engrossing through it’s backstory as it is through it’s artfully constructed textures.

Take in the droning oddity of ‘Living Through Sleeping Through’ below.

Nocebo will be released February 15th through Purple Tape Pedigree,

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