Left Hand Warpath: Allfather

Heavy metal is a genre with many heads. You have black metal, death metal, and doom metal to name a few. But what makes the genre special is that you have subgenres of subgenres. War black metal, slam death metal, funeral doom metal. There are so many heads to this beast that even longstanding fans of the music can get lost.

But Allfather keep it simple: Heavy. Fucking. Metal.

Based in Rochester UK, Allfather have been bringing their style of brutal heavy metal since 2013. Massive headbanging riffs, slow and steady tempos, and raucous vocals carry a left-wing political message in a format that is not only tried and true to metal fans but also accessible to hardcore fans, punkers, and even those who might not normally listen to heavy metal.

Their latest album, 2018’s And All Will Be Desolation, is by far their heaviest and – somehow – most infectious to date. It is the perfect mix of brutality and accessibility, a feat that is truly something to behold.

The hydra known as heavy metal can be a terrifying creature to behold with its many heads and many genres, but you can rest assured that the crown of pure heavy metal sits prominently and proudly on display for all to see. And this is a crown forged by Allfather.

Check out Allfather’s Bandcamp page here.

Words: Richard Weeks (Blackened Death Records)

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