London based jazz-doom quartet Five The Hierophant are unleashing their brand new experimental EP via Astral Noize Records, the first in a trilogy of dark ambient tapes that will be released throughout 2019.

The haunting Magnetic Sleep Tapes Vol. 1 builds on the atmospherics of 2017’s proggy full-length, Over Phlegethon. A much more experimental release than their debut, Five The Hierophant channel their occult and ritual dark side even further. Exploring far more ethereal realms, the release synergises the quartet’s doom-laden riffs, blackened ambience, and angular, jazzy form. The band’s expansive sound flourishes amidst their obfuscated sound design, utilising an array of unusual instruments in the recordings.

Built on three lengthy compositions, Magnetic Sleep Tapes, Vol. 1 is a challenging and expansive listen, with noirish saxophone, droning guitars and atmospheric percussion taking the reins. Five The Hierophant play with more freedom than ever, exploring new dimensions and patiently unsettling compositions, proving them to be a multi-faceted band who yearn to experiment.

Magnetic Sleep Tapes, Vol. 1 will be available on digital and cassette through Astral Noize Records on January 25th 2019. The limited edition cassettes are housed in a red and gold decorative case.

FFO: Sunn O))), Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Space Witch, OM


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