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Whilst London-based industrial avant-gardist trio Warren Schoenbright were recording Machinae Inutiles, one point of meditation was that of becoming the machine.
With that in mind, Warren Schoenbright have created a writhing monster of noise-rocking industrial power with an organic core. The breadth of influence on this record recalls the dread-fuelled atmospheres of contemporary noise rockers such as Daughters and The Jesus Lizard, whilst reaching for the rhythmic intricacies of King Crimson and the crushing soundscapes of Swans and Godflesh.

Relentless grinding bass, abrasive guitar-cum-noise tones, anguished shrieks and spoken word pleas emanate from an urban hellscape. Authoritative industrial rhythms mould the release into an unstoppable force of frightening art that is as memorable as it is repulsive.

This is the sound of fear and mania laid directly to tape, the sound of every bad thought you’ve ever had given shape and let loose, unfiltered, onto the material plane. Machinae Inutiles will be available on digital and cassette through Astral Noize Records on December 7th.

FFO: The Jesus Lizard, Daughters, Godflesh, King Crimson, Swans, The Body

Astral Noize


1 • Abject Engine [9:53]

2 • Mechanical Apega [4:23]

3 • Archimedes Screw [6:23]

Astral Noize


Daniel McClennan – drums

Alex Virji – bass + spoken word

Iker Ormazabal Martínez – guitar + vocals


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