Astral Noize Issue 4 is Now Available

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Moving ever forward, Issue 4 of Astral Noize will see the light of day in the coming days, showcasing the most content in an issue to date.

From catching up with Thou‘s Bryan Funck alongside an overview of their discography to date; discussing anti-fascism and the current political climate with Dawn Ray’d; Conan‘s recently released, doom-fuelled Existential Void Guardian; Norwegian legend Einar Selvik and his continuously expanding reach; Vodun‘s engulfing genre-melting pot; mental health in hip-hop with Purple Tape Pedigree’s Geng; addiction and progression with Emma Ruth Rundle and her stunning album On Dark Horses; and post-metal’s newest addition, Hundred Year Old Man – a small teaser of what Astral Noize’s latest and most expansive issue has to offer.

In keeping with moving forward, reviews have been replaced with a new retrospective section, highlighting and ensuring records, eras, and lessons from the past aren’t forgotten – a piece on the heritage of Finnish death metal introduces this newest section, entitled ‘In Retrospect’.

With 52 glossy pages of stacked content, Issue 4 is Astral Noize’s proudest to date, with cover art by Astral Noize Records alumni Oli Melville (Aerosol Jesus) and an additional pullout poster by Aurelien Lafon.

Orders will ship on 15/10/18.


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