AN005: Memnon Sa/Miser – Pillars Of Tiamat

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Memon Sa and Miser bring you their collaborative EP Pillars Of Tiamat, recorded at Holy Mountain Studios; the result of three days of improvisational composition. Memnon Sa (Aurora Borealis) is the recording alias of Misha Hering, and Miser are mysterious newcomers championing an experimental approach.

Pillars Of Tiamat was conceived and recorded without any prior writing or planning by the collective – an experiment that resulted in three elongated sonic ruminations, that whilst almost entirely improvised, remain impressively stoic and meticulously considered in nature. The EP celebrates a symbiotic relationship between the two artists, with its three tracks highlighting a strong emphasis on textural ambience throughout, embracing Memnom Sa’s prominent usage of vintage synthesisers in order to transmit an otherworldly quality to the primal churn of the guitarless rhythm-section that is Miser.

A sonic tapestry in the honour of the Sumerian serpent goddess, Pillars Of Tiamat will be released as a limited run on cassette through Astral Noize Records in late October.

FFO: Tangerine Dream, Popul Vuh, Earth, Bong, Wren


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