AN002: Herd Mover – Vol 3: Section 59

Astral Noize Record‘s second release is Herd Mover‘s blistering new EP Vol 3: Section 59 on a limited run of 100 cassettes. Available now for just £5.

Astral Noize

Following up last year’s Vol. 2: Rural Banishment, Herd Mover return with Vol. 3: Section 59, a polished take on their rough-around-the-edges noise rock/doom/grindcore.

Merging the grindcore of Pig Destroyer and Famine with the noise rock of acts such as Shellac and The Jesus Lizard, Herd Mover’s unrelenting flurry is intentionally demanding yet direct and very much to the point. The band’s take on genre-bending doesn’t waste any time.

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