Noize-Centric Electronic Cuts From Snarerush’s Soloman Tump

Whilst in the world of corporate music journalism, it’s pretty much unthinkable to acknowledge that your ‘competitor’ publications exist. At Astral Noize, we’re lovers and supporters of great words, great layouts and great ‘zines regardless of whether they’re a financial competitor or not.

It’s a great shame that ‘zine culture hasn’t really overlapped with electronic music culture all that much – arguably because the latter takes itself far more seriously than the former – but Snarerush is one of the only ‘zines we’ve come across covering electronic music at the minute.

As part of our electronic music week, Soloman Tump, Snarerush’s editor, has been kind enough to curate a playlist of noisey, psychedelic and experimental sounds from across the electronic spectrum for the discerning Astral Noize reader.


Electro techno bass and bloops crafted in Nottingham. Using synths, pedals and good old Ableton, designed for the wonky dancefloor and to be experienced live.


Dark rhythmic techno abstractions from Belgium, noisy off-kilter weirdness that really gets under your skin. The recent album Construction10 is a real winner.


DIY Audio/visual London based duo combining circuit bent electronic devices with distorted vocals, forming an imposing maelstrom of sound and art. Best experienced live, and on my urgent “to-do” list as I keep missing them for one reason or another.

Perforated Cerebral Party

90bpm thumping psychedelic techno from Russia. Slow, menacing and very trippy. Somatik Sounds is the parent label and well worth checking out.


Haunting drone loops and noise blasts made with Cello and pedal board, layered with passionate screams and delicate sung harmonies. Made in London and a real mind blowing live experience.


Electronic power noise wizard from Oregon USA, creator of harsh drones and improvised experimental sounds using an array of homemade pedals and unique devices.

Pact Infernal

Dense ritualistic drone techno from Germany. If HP Lovecraft and David Lynch got together and made techno, this could be the result. Debut EPs Circles 1 and 2 are a real trip, and by the end something has definitely been conjured from beyond and is sat in your lounge.

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Words: Richard Lowe

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