Issue 3 Of Astral Noize Is Out Now

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Following on from the huge success of our glossy, colourful second issue, Issue 3 of our print ‘zine has – at the cost of much blood, sweat and editorial sanity – emerged from the recesses of the Astral Noize newsroom.

In line with our continuing mission to help foster a tolerant and inclusive metal scene through bringing coherent political discourse, this issue contains a wealth of voices speaking on a multitude of socio-political political perspectives and issues.

Punk-driven UKBM oddball Kastchei offers up an intriguing narrative on socialism, feminist black metal paladin Feminzagul goes in on patriarchal extreme metal Nazism, and  our interview with Cleveland sludge punks Pillärs touches deftly on the anger felt by post-industrial communities, as well as an exploration of Eastern European folklore to name but a few of the fascinating perspectives on show in Issue 3 – even our feature with Lee Bufford of The Body touches on the unfortunate prevalence of right wing politics in extreme metal. Issue 3 also features interviews with: Admiral Angry, Vemod, Olivia Neutered John, East Man, an Australia and New Zealand scene report and a fully charged reviews section.


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Visually, Issue 3 evokes the murky bleakness of the age we live in 2018, whilst retaining the vibrant, colourful style that made our second issue such a success. Covered by a Lovecraftian portrait from No Master Studio and with a beautifully torturous pullout from up and coming illustrator R Diddums, Issue 3 is the best looking issue of Astral Noize so far and, in line with our ongoingly high standards, the glossy printing job rounds issue 3’s impressive aesthetic up neatly and tidily. Head over to our Instagram for more exclusive snaps of Issue 3’s serene layouts.

Issue 3 is available to purchase right now via our Bigcartel

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