Premiere: Olivia Neutered John – White Genocide

Featuring in a seemingly endless list of projects and running his own independent label, Blackened Death Records main man Richard Weeks is about as close to the term “prolific” as an artist can get. One of his most recent projects, the fantastically titled Olivia Neutered John, stormed onto the scene last year with debut full-length Kill All Men (Starting With The White Ones), an angry but satirical album of feminist pornogrind that set its sights on the metal scene’s misogyny. Recent EP Transphobia Annihilation Squad proved a more directly aggressive affair full of rallying protest songs, and just two months on, Blackened Death Records are gearing up to unleash the follow-up on the world.

The Toxic Orgy drops this April on the ever-ominous Friday the 13th, featuring thirteen tracks of sociopolitically-inclined grind-ridden death metal with an emphasis on the toxicity of male culture. The EP’s lyrics cover everything from rape culture and male privilege to toxic masculinity and the absurdity of MRAs, with the toxic orgy in question being the ongoing cycle of male gratification, or, as Weeks puts it: “misogynist assholes wanking each other off in front of their computers in their mums’ basements.”

Today, Astral Noize is thrilled to bring you an exclusive premiere of the EP’s blistering lead-single ‘White Genocide’, which is also set to appear on the upcoming compilation Worldwide Organization of Metalheads Against Nazis (WOMAN), also due soon on Blackened Death.

Check out ‘White Genocide’ and see The Toxic Orgy‘s full tracklisting below!

Astral Noize

ONJ TTO Cover Art.jpg

Olivia Neutered John – The Toxic Orgy

01) Rage Fuelled Masturbation of the Smegma Encrusted Virgincock
02) The Toxic Orgy
03) Self-Inflicted Livestream Castration
04) Spermatorrhea
05) Total Penectomy
06) Spayer
07) Alpha Males Don’t Live With Their Moms
08) Androcide
09) Damned Hetero Male / Straight Male Cancer
10) White Genocide
11) Made to Penetrate
12) Den of Virgins
13) Feminazi / Clitzkrieg

Astral Noize

The Toxic Orgy is out April 13th via Blackened Death Records. The EP will be available to order on Bandcamp here.

Words: George Parr (@georgejparr)
Album Artwork: Percy MacDugong (@macdugong)


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