Announcing Astral Noize Records AN001: Aerosol Jesus – Failure

At Astral Noize, we’re huge fans of the underground, and our mission to curate and shine light onto new, unknown and underrated music shows no signs of cessation. As part of this mission, we’ve been thinking about ways to help smaller artists who may not necessarily be as well heard, and we felt that starting up a label is a step in the most excellent direction.

Brighton-based Aerosol Jesus came to us earlier this year with their debut EP Failure and we were blown away. Made up of a synergy of emotive hardcore, overwhelming black metal, crawling doom and buzzing noise, Aerosol Jesus’ debut is a complex, cathartic beast and we’re stoked to be able to kick off Astral Noize Records with the digital/cassette release of Failure on April 28th.

Click here to pick up a copy now from our BigCartel.

“Right from the first filthy, earth-shattering chord it is clear that Aerosol Jesus’ debut EP is something very special” – The Sludgelord

“An absolute beast of an EP.” – The Sound Not The Word

“It’s refreshing hearing a new EP with this much determination in its sound, and the more I listen to it the more it’s got me speechless.” – Industrial Music

“Intensely surreal and virulently malicious.” – Toilet ov Hell

“Endearing from the off and consistent throughout… Aerosol Jesus can become an essential blackened hardcore force in the UK.” – ninehertz


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