CELES7E: Spiritual Weapons

Whilst obfuscation and internet-based escapism are part and parcel of Russia’s forward thinking club scene, so too, is a strong spiritual ethos. Russian collective CELES7E – who have spent 2017 pushing their ethereal soundscaping – is one such collective that revels in the spiritual, celestial backdrop to their music.

Informed by a celestial ethos, which permeates across their name, visual aesthetic, and of course, through the audial labyrinth of their productions, CELES7E’s sound has an almost filmic impact. Whilst their noise is entirely movable, the chaotic soundscaping so prevalent amongst their forward thinking brethren is also present, and it’s this unique bridge between shining tunefulness and unhinged thundering chaos which has led to CELES7E’s growing clout.

Ahead of the release of From Ashes on Symbols, we caught up with the collective’s youngest member to talk Death Stranding, soundscaping and religion.

How would you describe your music?


What do you think about Death Stranding? Has your interest in videogame music influenced the atmospheric and dynamic nature of your music?

Yeah, video game soundtracks have always influenced us. Hideo Kojima games are great and Death Stranding looks promising, we were greatly inspired by his games, you can find lots of references if you’ll look closely.

There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding yourself, as well as many artists making similar music, what’s behind this?

There are seven of us, you are talking to the youngest one. We are just afraid of being arrested because in Russia you can get into a jail because of insulting the feelings of believers and someone could easily see our music that way. Actually, God likes CELES7E, but we are still keeping a low profile for the personal safety.

Comparisons to WWWINGS and Schism have been pretty hot on the ground, but your music is still very much distinctive from those artists. What non-electronic influences are you influenced by?

Just standing there in the church listening to the prayers and crying, but aside from that — we have always been listening lots of various music throughout our lives, including hardcore and metal scene, different traditional music, field recordings and such. Hard to pinpoint someone who has influenced us directly.

Where is it you’re from? Your music is incredibly soundscape-y, evoking industrial urban environments (at least to our ears), is this a product of your environment?

We were born and raised in Central Russia, currently residing in Moscow. We think that Russia is a pretty industrial and dark country, surrounded by cold and death and sometimes it looks like a nuclear wasteland, but Russian factories were unable to produce sufficient amounts of spiritual weapons, so that’s why we are here.

How did your releases on Symbols and Svbkvlt come about?

Those are great labels, we just got to know each other and decided to work on something together. Symbols releases were a big influence and inspiration to make music. From Ashes is dropping at September, 1 and we are very proud and happy about that.

There is heavy use of religious iconography and themes in your music and it’s presentation. Why is this? Are you religious at all?

Many years ago we looked at various mythical beings such as ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and so on, but we have always thought and still feel that “Assembly of God” was preferable.

What can we expect from your upcoming split with Eyne? How has it been working collaboratively with another producer? How does the creative process differ when you’re working with another person?

This guy is cool and very talented, we enjoy working together. Our EP is almost ready and we are very excited about that, you won’t be disappointed.

From Ashes is out September 1st on Symbols. Pre-order here.

Words: Richard Lowe 

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