With four years of experience under his belt, Dean Lloyd Robinson – the tortured genius behind KnifedOutOfExistence – is one of the UK noise scene’s most distinctive propositions. Comfortable playing everywhere from crust punk all dayers to pop punk gigs to people’s front rooms, his live show is a cathartic void of performance art – more often than not featuring Dean crouching on the floor, exorcizing all manner of negative demons.

Known for provocative artwork and a far more provocative brand of noise across Knifed’s plethora of physical releases, and live appearances – Knifedoutofexistence has become one of UK Noise’s premier prospects. Knifed’s latest full-length Inhibitors is available to pre-order via Outsider Art Records now.

The release is a great example of the cathartic brilliance inherent to Knifed’s success. Lead track ‘Creation For Creation’s Sake’ is a buzzing convocation of hypnotic chaos, centered around the distorted musings of a Brando-esque madman. Experience Below.

Inhibitors will be released on the 13th of September via Outsider Art Records, pre-order here




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